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New review & interview for The Professional, a magazine for and by Sex Workers!

I’m a terrible self-promoter, so it comes as no surprise to me how there are still so many sex workers, including dommes in my own home city, who have NO IDEA that Remedy exists. Such was the case with SWOPnsw, where I saw a tweet that was asking for “coming out stories.” I replied that […]


#winning at the Boston Underground Film Festival

Last week I went up to the Boston Underground Film Festival, where REMEDY was a super late addition to the party, but apparently every bit as welcome… BECAUSE REMEDY WON THE DIRECTORS’ CHOICE AWARD FOR BEST FEATURE!!! And yes, the statue looks just like that. Sometimes as a filmmaker you read a review where the […]


Coverage from Boston Underground Film Festival

REMEDY was written up by WBUR The Artery prior to the Boston Underground Film Festival last weekend. Read the article here!


Review in (with English Translation)

Click here to read the review in the original German. “Remedy” by Cheyenne Picardo is a film about sex work that succeeds without dark secrets These days, when looming shadows in 50 shades of gray are poised to introduce sadomasochism not just to housewife-literature but also to blockbuster cinema, at the periphery of all the […]


Audience Responses from Munich

Sometimes my spies give me audience feedback. I thought I would share some from the recent theatrical screenings in Munich. One viewer really liked that no people were ‘used’ as prototypes of good or bad guys or stereotypical protagonists and antagonists: there was no typical ‘love interest’ figure, only that hint of affection towards that […]


Interview with Neo of

I was interviewed recently by Neo of, a wonderful and comprehensive German kink blog. Since the interview was translated — in the process making me aware of wonderful German compound nouns like “Lacklederballettstiefeln” — I’ve included my original answers to her questions below. What is your movie Remedy all about? Remedy is an autobiographical […]


Yes, I was interviewed by Rolling Stone.

Not about my movie, per se, but about The Movie and The Book that is the primary reason I have way better SEO than I deserve. (Spoken like a true submissive.) I chugged the book last weekend, and while the movie was pretty darned dreadful, the conversation I had with the reporter was fantastic. We […]


Writeup in Orion, a German erotic blog!

The finished film depicts a dark, dingy world. “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” as Lou Reed would say. – Miss Passion (Orion) Click here to see the original blogpost by Miss Passion! (Translation by Nina Gielen.) Fetish and BDSM Film Tip: Remedy The dominatrix “Mistress Remedy” is the subject of the fetish-themed film […]


Review in Spielfilm & Kabeleins

…authentic, honest, different, mundane and surprising … an insight into the professional world of BDSM that we have not seen before. – Gregor Torinus (Spielfilm) Click here to read the review in! (Translation below from Toby Tentakel.) Review: Remedy (2014) Rating: 4 / 5 The upcoming film adaptation of the soft BDSM bestseller 50 Shades of Grey is […]


REVIEW in Indiekino

REMEDY tells of an excess of intensity in the BDSM sessions, something that can not be simply shut off in daily life. – Indiekino Here is a link to the review in the original German, where REMEDY gets contrasted with a German sex work film, TOP GIRL! TOP GIRL & REMEDY Sex and Economics With Ulrich Seidl’s […]



Her autobiographically tinged drama is a world apart from E.L. James’s conservative hokum. -Filmgazette Link to the original review here! Or read the English translation, generously provided by filmmaker Nina Gielen. A top, close to hitting bottom  To not immediately think of the “biggest international best-seller in recent years” at the mere mention of “BDSM” might […]


REVIEW in Programmkino

REMEDY tells of the emotional journey of the leading woman in a seductive low-budget indie look, that reminds a bit of cinema verité and the style of Wong Kar-Wai … but is in any case a far cry from high-gloss productions like EYES WIDE SHUT. – Programmkino REMEDY got reviewed by! (Translation by Toby Tentakel.) A club in […]


“Domme Shorts”

So it seems appropriate to mention the other film about sex work I’m working on — it’s a cycle of twelve shorts (or more if I get to them) called, simply, WORK. Yes, I know I kind of overdo it with the all-caps thing. I probably don’t use em dashes appropriately either. The first one […]


When the director has doubts…

So I’ve been going through my Facebook messages since deciding that I no longer wanted to have a personal account on the networking site for a number of reasons. Advertisements, the cockamamie decency polcies, #namergate (or whatever the kids were calling it), and my natural distaste for things that people try to convince me are […]


Nachtschatten BDSM/Fetish Film Festival

This nine day festival from 20-28 June 2014 “showcases international short and feature films that are speicifically related to BDSM and fetish topics.” REMEDY had four screenings – three of which were sold out – at the festival. Below are a few of the audience comments. I can’t remember the last time a film had […]


Anti Sex Work Propaganda

The screening at SWOP-NYC last night went well, and I’m eager to do more like this across the country. The post-film discussion also confirmed a fear of mine, that some workers may find the film to be a piece of anti-sex work propaganda. I can see how that read is possible, and it’s part of […]


La Fête du Slip

REMEDY screened three times in Lausanne, Switzerland as part of gender and sexuality film festival La Fete du Slip on March 7, 8, and 9.. I was lucky enough to be able to attend this festival, and I want to commend everyone involved for their support and kindness… and for putting me up and taking […]


REMEDY’s Rotterdam Success!

A newly subtitled edition of REMEDY screened on January 29 in Rotterdam to a sold out house. Here was what some of them had to say: “REMEDY is a good example of the quality you can find in the indy scene. Often kinky movies are mainly about images and lack a good storyline. This wasn’t […]


Private Screening at Videology on 2/2

They came again, my friends, and this time they brought their friends. And this time, thanks to this review, a few of the “industry people” came. As a result of reactions from that screening and from the review itself, I am DETERMINED to schedule a “Pros Only” screening for women who worked in houses, particularly, […]


NewFilmmakers Winterfest at Anthology

They come to see my film. My closest friends. They come from everywhere: high school, nerd camp, goth clubs, fetish clubs, Columbia’s co-ed literary society, a favorite karaoke bar, roller derby, burlesque… the perverted version of the end of It’s a Wonderful Life. And I was terrified, punctuated by my unsubtle sneaking of sips of […]


Festival News

This fall REMEDY was invited to Germany to screen in competition at the PornFilmFestival Berlin, playing to full houses for both of its screenings. One month later, REMEDY also screened in competition at the Fetisch Film Festival in Kiel, Germany. Most recently REMEDY was selected to screen as part of WinterFest 2014 as part of […]


REMEDY was reviewed!

While Remedy is still securing funding for a much wider release, I can assure you that after having seen the film it would be criminal for this small, independent, character study film not to be playing in art house theaters across the country. When you go in to watch a film with a BDSM theme […]


REMEDY is Screening at Seattle Erotic Arts Festival August 3rd

Most of the accepted films will be appearing as part of the Erotic Short Film Showcase on Sunday, August 4th at 5 pm, but the accepted feature, Remedy, will be showing on Saturday August 3rd at 5pm. So there you have it. A few weeks ago, REMEDY was selected as the ONLY FEATURE to be […]


CineKink World Premiere — and an interview in Filmmaker Magazine!

In the days leading up to the world premiere as the opening film for CineKink 2013, REMEDY director Cheyenne Picardo was interviewed by Filmmaker Magazine. Click here to read the article!   REMEDY was awarded Best Narrative Feature The CineKink Festival was an ideal venue for Remedy’s premiere, and we were honored to be selected […]


REMEDY is Opening CineKink 2013!!!

We are pleased to announce that REMEDY is officially opening CineKink 2013 in New York City on February 27!!! (That’s two days after the director’s birthday.) We are still accepting (and needing) donations and investors — now more urgently than ever — so please do not hesitate to contact us at or donate by […]


While Driving

While driving to and from the post facility, aka Somewhere In New Jersey, I listen to podcasts. Ravenously. But I’m running out of inspirational, well recorded options. (I’m a bit of an audio snob. This is a fantastic quality to have when you are making independent film.) Have any of you suggestions? Please post your […]


Escape from La Mancha…

From the IMDB: Lost in La Mancha is a documentary depicting “Terry Gilliam’s attempt to get The Man Who Killed Don Quixote off the ground. Back injuries, freakish storms, and more zoom in to sabotage the project (which has never been resurrected).” There are two recent films first time directors are cautioned never to watch. […]


Thank You May I Have Another

Remedy The Movie 10-1-2012 @ The Beauty Bar NYC

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Remedy returns to SMack

This weekend please join us at SMack! for their 16th Annual Halloween Fetish Ball “HELL-O-WEEN II” NYC’s Premiere Multimedia Fetish Play Party returns with this years Debauchery New York City’s Longest Running Fetish Event! Xris SMack is a talented multimedia artist and has inspired many things, but his world famous events are where Remedy got her […]


The wages of art

I don’t make people work for free. I remember what it felt like when people asked me to work for free and I accepted. First, there was a self-reflected warmth from my benevolence and charity bedazzled by the heap of compliments from the favor-asker about my talents, my hair, my pants, my parallel parking skills… […]


Things they never tell you about independent filmmaking…

I have days when I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” I don’t eat. I don’t exercise. I can’t sleep normally. I’m depressed. I’m anxious. I yell. I pace. I don’t see my friends. I stand people up. I forget my keys. I forget my wallet. I forget to put on clothes before I […]


Wearing too many hats…

And it’s hard to find ones that fit because my head is too damned big. At the moment I wish I had taken some sort of class in web design because it pains me to update something I do not understand — when I don’t have the time to learn how to understand it. I’m […]


Caption THIS

Leave your @twitter name or facebook page for shout outs – Winners announced 10/19 @ Noon!


We’re Gaining Exposure!

The One that Got Away hopes a “Remedy” to Post-Production Blues Posted August 28, 2012 by Megan M. Garwood, Assistant Contributing Editor for


Pinch your nipple and look the other way.

This scene was inspired by a ride on a subway that I will never forget with a principle cast member and assistant director, Melissa Roth, and a friend of hers who in my mind deserves a writing credit for giving me the line which is the subject of this post. We had gone gay clubbing… […]


Trailer Trash

Let no one ever say that editing a trailer is easy.



Okay. 50 Shades of Gray. Front page of the NY Post. I outed myself (as a former pro) to my mom.  Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. BDSM is seriously on the brain in America… or at least in New York City. So I am in a full fledged sprint right now.  Getting the […]


Unauthorized Dialogue

A few of the scenes in this movie were crafted almost entirely through improvisation. (I kind of think of it as the bargain basement Mike Leigh method.) One of these scenes was the so-called “Switch Corporal Client” who comes in expecting a session with his regular mistress only to be put in his least favorite […]


Marathon Man

There are times when jokes fall flat and one has to go through great lengths to try to save them before either deciding to cut them or risk creating a “Comic Floor Drop.” For those of you unfamiliar with this phrase, the “Comic Floor Drop” is a phenomenon that occurs when a joke falls so […]


They Don’t Get Along

Sometimes the excuse to use one liners that I heard growing up was absolutely irresistible. When writing the scene where Remedy gets her name, I was playing with some dialogue ideas where R would be getting frustrated with the training, with the stereotypical and repetitive drivel that she heard coming out of the dommes’ mouths. […]


Post in Progress

I am going to get quite sick of foleying spanks.



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