This scene was inspired by a ride on a subway that I will never forget with a principle cast member and assistant director, Melissa Roth, and a friend of hers who in my mind deserves a writing credit for giving me the line which is the subject of this post.

We had gone gay clubbing… I think Tigger was performing. On the way there, I was explaining about a little problem I have with certain parties who have what I now call Chemical X — some sort of pheromone magic bullet which knocks me stupid in a second. I also have described it as “nuts on the street,” alluding to the midtown Manhattan phenomenon where you catch a whiff of extremely delicious roasted goodness. But as with the nuts, often the goods are not as rewarding as the aroma is alluring.

So this fellow who was on the subway with us says, and I quote, it’s triggering that chemical that is the same shit that makes a mom not want to “rip the baby off of her tit and throw it into a wall.” So we deduced from this point that the best way to deal with unwanted chemical attraction is to “pinch your nipple and look the other way.”

I’ve encountered three such people. I’m still with one of them. Clearly this method doesn’t work. Great scene though…