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New review & interview for The Professional, a magazine for and by Sex Workers!

I’m a terrible self-promoter, so it comes as no surprise to me how there are still so many sex workers, including dommes in my own home city, who have NO IDEA that Remedy exists. Such was the case with SWOPnsw, where I saw a tweet that was asking for “coming out stories.” I replied that my film was such a story, in that I came out under my real name before even launching the crowdfunding campaign for finishing funds.

The resulting review and interview were beautiful and emotional for both me and Fiona Beattie, who wrote the two articles for the hard-copy-only publication The Professional, by and for Australian sex workers. The images here were published with permission of the magazine.

Also, every sex worker should watch that Barney Miller Christmas episode. Seriously.

A new review, this time from a “viewer like you.”

Sometimes you get reviews that you expect. Sometimes you get reviews you don’t, and those can be a mixed bag. These days viewer reactions can come in the form of the dreaded comments section, arbitrary star ratings assigned by folks who were expecting a skin flick, or (even worse) trollings from folks who never even watched your film and who never intend to.

So when I saw this review from someone who paid money to rent REMEDY via one of the many streaming options that just opened up this year, I was not expecting such a thoughtful, well-written, and glowing write-up!