While Remedy is still securing funding for a much wider release, I can assure you that after having seen the film it would be criminal for this small, independent, character study film not to be playing in art house theaters across the country. When you go in to watch a film with a BDSM theme and the most intense, captivating experience you’ll discover is trying to figure out what is going on in the dom’s head, not what’s happening in front of you, you have a film that has accomplished its goal—don’t focus on the sex, focus on the mind. Remedy does that very, very well.

After the CineKink screening, REMEDY was reviewed by MovieBoozer.com — but we had no idea until the director finally sifted through all the paranoia spam in the Twitter inbox for @RemedyTheMovie. Whoops!

Here is the long overdue review of REMEDY!!!

Just to clarify, this is a review of the version of the film that premiered at CineKink on February 27. The film has been subsequently updated and tweaked in preparation for it’s screening as part of the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival on August 4 at the Grand Illusion Theater.