Quoted with permission from the Fetisch Film Festival Facebook Page:

Yesterday’s screening of REMEDY by Cheyenne Picardo was amazing. The crowd was blown away by it, and stayed and talked about it in the cinema lounge for over an hour after the film ended.

To my mind, REMEDY is fantastic – it feels extremely TRUE, both in the script, words, acting and the sheer closeness of the narrative. The film follows a woman who starts working as a professional BDSM Domina in New York, and describes her encounters with clients as well as her personal journey in the environment. It’s by turns funny, scary, seductive, thrilling and thought-provoking.

There is real in-depth complexity of both the characters and the rituals, and you really feel the different vibes of the different encounters. It has a sensitivity and honesty that really moves you (and scares and excites and touches and provokes.)

The visuals and storytelling kept flowing and evolving, at turns snappy and slow, montage and focused on a single feeling, energetic and intimate, as if we were in the catacombs watching a dimly-lit but extremely potent story being told/performed.

I hope to show this film again soon!