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“The film is by no means a litany of horrors. It shows the positive moments and even the mundane ones. This is working in a house dungeon, in all of its awkward, bizarre, horrifying, hilarious, heart-wrenching glory. This is also the story of entering, and the story of leaving.”

Perhaps the best review I could hope for, given that it was written by a fellow pro-switch – Lori Adorable.

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REMEDY was always intended to be a movie for people like me, who had worked in houses and either went on to independent work or who had left sex work behind entirely. My fear was that they would watch the film like programmers watch Hackers or doctors watch House, picking apart each and every inaccuracy. Yeah, I got choked up when I read it.

Brilliant Review from the Folks at Slixa!

There are definitely going to be those who see Remedy as a cautionary tale about a young woman losing herself in sex work. But that reduces Remedy’s story to cheap melodrama and misses the point entirely. Remedy isn’t the movie that you’d show someone to sell them on the idea of becoming a pro domme, but neither is it a morality tale about the dangers of kink, professional or otherwise. – Chris Hall

Earlier this fall, I had the pleasure of meeting the folks at Slixa at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington, DC, where I did double duty as both videographer and presenter with my talk on “Sexual Positivity in Film: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” In that talk I explored whether it’s possible to have a sex-positive film with a tragic trajectory. Well, according to the reviewer, I was able to do just that.

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Just so you know, Slixa is a classy online resource to help clients connect with sex workers of all persuasions. Unlike other advertising sites, it also contains an informative blog talking about political and everyday topics relevant to sex workers, including advocacy, human rights, fashion, entertainment, outreach, lobbying, etc. So happy to be featured and so well reviewed on their site — I’ve read some of the other reviews and they do *not* pull punches when it comes to giving their opinions on depictions of sex work in media.

– C

REMEDY was reviewed!

While Remedy is still securing funding for a much wider release, I can assure you that after having seen the film it would be criminal for this small, independent, character study film not to be playing in art house theaters across the country. When you go in to watch a film with a BDSM theme and the most intense, captivating experience you’ll discover is trying to figure out what is going on in the dom’s head, not what’s happening in front of you, you have a film that has accomplished its goal—don’t focus on the sex, focus on the mind. Remedy does that very, very well.

After the CineKink screening, REMEDY was reviewed by — but we had no idea until the director finally sifted through all the paranoia spam in the Twitter inbox for @RemedyTheMovie. Whoops!

Here is the long overdue review of REMEDY!!!

Just to clarify, this is a review of the version of the film that premiered at CineKink on February 27. The film has been subsequently updated and tweaked in preparation for it’s screening as part of the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival on August 4 at the Grand Illusion Theater.

CineKink World Premiere — and an interview in Filmmaker Magazine!

In the days leading up to the world premiere as the opening film for CineKink 2013, REMEDY director Cheyenne Picardo was interviewed by Filmmaker Magazine. Click here to read the article!


REMEDY was awarded Best Narrative Feature

The CineKink Festival was an ideal venue for Remedy’s premiere, and we were honored to be selected to open the festival on February 27 to a packed house at the Anthology Archives.

Said the festival founder, Lisa Vanderver: Remedy is precisely the type of film we exist for, and it feels very fitting to have it open our milestone, tenth season,” said Lisa Vandever, co-founder and director of CineKink. “Cheyenne has done an amazing job at creating a colorful yet sympathetic look at some of the characters that inhabit the city’s kinky landscape, conveying both the fun and self-discovery that can be found within it, and the importance of knowing where your trust is best placed.

We continue to spread the REMEDY word far as we put some more polish on the cut. Visit us frequently for updates!

Wonderful article promoting Remedy in Alt Art Criticism Magazine On-Verge

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(Article by Megan M. Garwood.)

“Support MFA dream of SVA graduate Cheyenne Picardo by contributing to the post-production of Remedy. On the film’s website, Picardo explains Remedy as “a narrative feature about a young woman who becomes a sex worker almost by accident – first as a dominatrix, then transitioning into a full-time professional submissive.”

In theory, Picardo could potentially delve into a taboo only superficially penetrated by the pornographic industry and, momentarily, captured in Bored to Death‘s “Escape from the Dungeon.” At first glance, we see a cast of performance artists and motivated actors who are as uninhibited as Picardo’s dialogue the fresh screenplay. We won’t know for sure until Picardo reaches her goal on Kickstarter-esque fundraising website indiegogo.”