Wearing too many hats…

And it’s hard to find ones that fit because my head is too damned big.

At the moment I wish I had taken some sort of class in web design because it pains me to update something I do not understand — when I don’t have the time to learn how to understand it.

I’m just too busy doing post.

Remedy has not been an easy movie to make. It’s been at the mercy of many things, and the threat of technological obsolescence has been one of them. This weekend, while doing ADR, my father’s studio and my computer both showed signs of undeniable wear, slowing the process to a crawl. I began this movie in 2008, and I have not updated my computer or my editing software (like any editor with intelligence would use FCPX anyway) for fear of some sort of file structure meltdown. So there were crashes and noises and incompatibilities and miscommunications — it was sort of the machine equivalent of a bad polyamorous relationship — which led to us having to invest in some new equipment to keep us afloat.

Could I cut corners now? Yes. But then I would be putting out a substandard product, and that I simply refuse to do. I’ve come this far. So far that the amount of blog posts on this site is pitiful due to working so hard on actually finishing the film. But I’m not stopping until I’m putting out something I’m proud of… no matter how many wrong sides of the bed I wake up on.