Director & Writer – Cheyenne Picardo has been a long-time film lover, from her early years watching Steve Martin’s The Jerk over and over and over and over as other children watch Disney films or whatever epileptic cartoons are on these days, to her high school years as a critic for the county and high school newspapers. She went to Columbia College determined to be a critic, but then realized during one of the few production classes available for undergraduates that she enjoyed shooting and editing and began her career in video. She received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2011, from the department of Video, Photography, and Related Media with a portion of Remedy as her thesis. Always hesitant to describe herself as an artist (or any kind of -ist), she prefers to say she “warps time for a living.”

From the outset, she documented freaks, performance artists, and people who live resolutely outside the mainstream. This continues to be her specialty as both a cinematographer, editor, and creator of multi-channel video installations. She has also worked for Oscar winners, comedians, reality television stars, drag queen vegan cooking show hosts, documentarians, museums, superclubs, punk bars, musicians, educators, yogis, ballet companies, charities, and the odd mega-corporate client. But her first love will always be The Freaks, to whom she will always feel beholden just as she hopes to be one of them, if they’ll have her.

Remedy is Cheyenne Picardo’s first feature film, the first release from her video production company The One That Got Away LLC.